Proper training for data collectors is essential for gathering high-quality information. Calibration, or having multiple data collectors gather the same information at a site and then comparing the results, is also an essential activity for ensuring data are collected the same way. AIM Core Methods trainings and associated calibrations are documented and can help ensure that AIM data are defensible.   Recognizing the importance of training, the BLM requires field crews to attend approved AIM protocol trainings for data to be ingested into national AIM databases.  Project managers should ensure that field crews receive proper training in the core methods.  

Additional in-house training may be necessary for your field crew (first aid, UTV, four wheel driving, etc.). Some of this training will likely be available through local field offices. If not, make sure that you communicate your additional training expectations and needs to any crew-hiring partners during the agreement phase.

Training opportunities are available for state, district and field office monitoring leads as well.  Topics include monitoring project management and applying information to decision-making.   In addition to this page, please visit the Jornada’s Landscape Toolbox to find information on upcoming training opportunities, archives of past trainings, training materials, and links to other resources.  


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