Data Management & Project Evaluation

At the end of the season, it is essential to store your high-quality data for future application to management decisions.  National databases are available at the NOC to upload and store AIM data.  It’s also important to evaluate your monitoring efforts in order to support and improve future monitoring.  Together, data management and project evaluation ensure that all of the field season’s hard work translates into useful information. The Terrestrial AIM Data Management Protocol_V3.0 and Aquatic AIM Data Management Protocol will be essential with ensuring that appropriate data standards are followed.

taos3 AK_photo.bmp GSENM_soilpit
Figure 1.Data Collection in Taos, NM. Credit: BLM Figure 2. Data Collection in Alaska. Credit: BLM Figure 3. Soil Pit in Grand Staircase Escalante National Monument. Credit: BLM


Helpful Documents and Links:

Terrestrial AIM Data Management Protocol_V3.0

Aquatic AIM Data Management Protocol

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