Data Collection

When it comes time to collect the data, it is important to be fully prepared for the field season. Preparation includes:

    1. Hiring a field crew to collect data
    1. Obtaining all necessary field equipment (terrestrial and/or aquatic), including vehicles
    2. Establishing a set of communication procedures and an emergency response plan for your field crew
    1. Reviewing the AIM_DataManagmentProtocol_V4.1 or Aquatic AIM Data Management Protocol and following the protocol(s) throughout the season
    1. Downloading and testing the data collection software
    2. Evaluating sample points from the office to determine if they are in the target population and can be sampled
    1. Ensuring that crews attend training and have a firm understanding of the core methods prior to collecting any data. The type of equipment and training you and your crew will need depends on whether you intend to collect aquatic data, terrestrial data or both.
  1. Planning sampling trips in a way that that ensures proper implementation of monitoring design and field crew efficiency
GSENM Alaska
Figure 1. Data collection in the Grand Staircase National Monument.Credit: BLM Figure 2. Data Collection in Alaska. Credit: BLM

Helpful Documents and Links

Terrestrial Master Equipment List 2-9-17

Aquatic Equipment List


2020 Collector Survey123 Protocol v4.0

Aquatic AIM Data Management Protocol

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