Terrestrial AIM Training

Terrestrial Regional Core Methods Training – Training is a key mechanism for ensuring high quality monitoring data collection through the Terrestrial AIM program.  Yearly regional or state-based terrestrial AIM core methods trainings ensure that all monitoring data collectors have access to training and improve consistency and efficiency of training activities.  

  • AIM State Leads and Monitoring Coordinators are responsible for overall implementation of AIM Regional Core Methods Training in their state. 
  • Each state maintains an instructor cadre of five or more instructors who assist with each training including planning, logistical support, and methods instruction.
  • At least one member of the National Terrestrial AIM team attends each training to assist in instruction and to provide national quality assurance and quality control.

Terrestrial Core Methods Instructor Training
Each AIM training is supported by a team of instructors who are local to the state or region in which this training is held. The Terrestrial Core Methods Instructor Training ensures each Terrestrial Region Core Methods Instructors are able to:

  • Answer participant’s technical questions
  • Present various subjects and
  • Teach core methods in the field.

Regional instructors are nominated by their state/region and are certified as instructors at the Terrestrial Core Methods Instructor Training. Although the Instructor Course is held yearly, instructors must only attend once every three years to maintain instructor status. It is recommended that each state send a minimum of two instructors to the Instructor Training each year to keep the larger regional cadre current with yearly training and method tweaks.

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