Aquatic AIM Training Tutorials

Welcome to the Aquatic AIM Training Hub. The tutorials on this page provide an overview of the Aquatic AIM process, from evaluating a sample reach through data collection and submission. Technicians should complete all three tutorials (Reach Overview, Site Evaluation, and Data Management) prior to Aquatic AIM Field Methods Training.

Using the Tutorials: Each tutorial is an interactive video composed of three or four modules. The video is designed so that you can work through it at your own pace. You can watch all modules in one sitting, moving from one to the next. Alternatively, you can watch one module at a time, using the menu to select which module you would like to view.

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Main Menu: When you start the tutorial, there will be a brief introduction followed immediately by the main menu. After each module you have the option to continue to the next module, or return to the menu. Additionally, the menu button in the upper left of the screen allows you to return to the main menu at any point. You can watch the modules in any order, however it recommended to go in the order in which they are numbered.

Quizzes: Throughout the modules there are periodic quizzes which review the important points from that module.

Rewind: Although you cannot freely navigate throughout the tutorial, a rewind button in the navigation bar allows you to rewind the video 10 seconds. You can use this button repeatedly, allowing you to jump back and review sections of the tutorial. If you want to review a previously watched module, go to the main menu and select that module.

Summary: When you have completed all modules, take the summary quiz to complete the tutorial. The summary quiz can be accessed by clicking the “Summary” button in the main menu. Once you have completed the summary quiz, and watched all modules, you have finished the tutorial!

1. Aquatic AIM Reach Overview


2.  Aquatic AIM Site Evaluation


3. Aquatic AIM Data Management

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