AIM Project Leads

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Project leads workshop in Grand Junction, CO. Credit: BLM

These workshops are intended to provide an overview of the AIM Strategy. Presentations will focus on how the AIM strategy can be used to support management, including: land health evaluations, sage grouse, and grazing permit renewals. The workshops will also provide an overview of analysis and reporting tools using AIM data. This course is geared towards BLM managers and resource staff.

There is one training scheduled in 2018:

Boise, ID (BLM Idaho State Office)
Monday, October 22, 1 pm, to Thursday, October 25, noon
Training Schedule:
AIM Project Leads Training:  Tuesday, October 23 and Wednesday, October 24, 8-5
Optional AIM Methods Demonstrations:   1/2 day aquatics methods demo Monday, October 22 1-5 pm; 1/2 day terrestrial methods demo Thursday, October 25 8-noon. Register for the field methods demos now.
Register on DOI Learn, BLM-TC-1730-39 or search “AIM Project Leads”
More information:

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