Terrestrial Core Methods Training

These annual field courses are designed to train all AIM data collectors in the terrestrial Core Methods used to gather data in the field.  Trainings include protocol instruction, supervised practice, and calibration. They also provide an opportunity to practice with an electronic data capture device.

We recommend that the entire field crew attends a field methods course at the start of each field season.  For integration into TerrADat, the minimum requirement is that the crew lead has attended an AIM training in the last three years.

Due to Covid-19 all 2021 Terrestrial Core Methods Trainings will be dispersed training options for the 2021 field season.

Pre-Course Work:

We ask that the participants of the Terrestrial AIM Core Methods Training complete ~3 hours of pre-course work before attending training. This course work will maximize the quality of students’ learning during training. 

  • Second, watch the following videos on the Landscape Toolbox Youtube channel. We ask that you watch nine of the twelve total videos (90 minutes total). Keep in mind that these methods are used in a variety of different rangeland monitoring programs and in research across the world, so some details might be different than those of the AIM program (for example plot layout, subsurface soil stability samples etc.). Be proactive in your understanding of the protocol by watching the videos in conjunction with reading/reviewing the manual, maintaining active communication with your project lead or other relevant point of contact (POC) and utilizing the aim.landscapetoolbox.org website.  
  1. Intro (3:28 min)
  2.  Ecological Site Identification (12:30 min) 
  3. Photo Points (6:40 min)
  4.  Establishing a Transect (6:01 min) 
  5. Line-Point Intercept Method (18:50 min) 
  6. Vegetation Height (8:06 min)  
  7. Canopy Gap Intercept Method (15:35 min) 
  8. Plant Species Inventory (4:02 min) 
  9. Soil Stability (16:18 min) 

Terrestrial Core Methods Training Presentation Videos and PowerPoints:

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