Quality Control

Quality control (QC) aims to identify errors in the final dataset, meaning that it occurs after all field decisions (good and bad) have taken place. During QC, the ability to correct errors is limited because points cannot be revisited with the exact conditions that occurred during the original data collection event.


Figure 1. QA/QC Timeline

Figure (1) shows a generic QA/QC timeline for the AIM monitoring process. Currently, a more detailed AIM QA/QC protocol is being developed at the National Operations Center (NOC) and will be available for viewing in the near future. In the meantime, if you have specific questions about QA/QC procedures please follow the guidelines outlined in the Monitoring Manual for Grassland, Shrubland, and Savanna Ecosystems Vol. I.  Contact Sarah Burnett (sburnett@blm.gov) at the NOC and Jennifer Courtwright (jennifer.courtwright@usu.edu) at NAMC with questions.

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