Sampling Sufficiency Example

Example Step 5: Collect and evaluate pilot data to determine sampling sufficiency and the validity of the strataStep4_AIM



As reported in Step 4, pilot data from an adjacent field office with similar ecology showed that 5 samples was sufficient to detect 10% changes in many indicators for the following strata representing groups of ecological sites:  Alkaline, Clayey Slopes and Foothills, Loamy Slopes, Mountain Loam, Pinyon-Juniper, Riparian and Swale, Rolling Loam, Salt Desert, and Stony Foothills.  These results also suggested that these were valid strata because indicators varied according to strata.  The strata we are planning to use (Landfire BpS Group) roughly correspond to these ecological site groups.  These results support the validity of the strata and sampling sufficiency (Table 2).



No pilot data was available to determine sample sufficiency and strata validity.

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