Data collection advice from previous project leads

  • The BLM project leadĀ must occasionally accompany the field crew into the field to provide quality assurance.
  • The AIM core methods training is critical for getting quality data and ensuring field crew efficiency.
  • The BLM project leadĀ must spend time with the crew planning for logistical considerations such as private property access and poor road conditions.
  • Crews should have all field equipment and tablets before the core methods training so they can be familiar with their equipment when they get to the training.
  • The BLM project leadĀ must be prepared to execute a safety plan, including a check in / check out procedure with contingencies.
  • The desire to sample points in order must be balanced with logistical considerations.
  • Crews should not upload a new USDA plant list every year in order to save the modified attributes.

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