The Plot Tracking Template (2020) excel file is intended to help you track your plots throughout the season.  All plots visited should have a row including plot additions made to the sample design throughout the season (if, for example, you add a revisit plot at the end of the season) and all plots should have a status. For each of the various plot statuses, there is an additional section to be filled out.  If you reject the plot you need to select a rejection reason and add any additional comments in the the rejection criteria and rejection criteria comments fields, for example.  For detailed instructions, see Populating a Plot Tracking Excel.  If you have any questions about populating this excel file, please contact the AIM Data Manager, Chris Dietrich.

Figure 1. Rejected plot in the Northern California District Office. Credit: BLMFigure 2. Rejected plot in the Northern California District Office. Credit: BLMFigure 3. An example of why one might reject a plot. Credit: BLM

Helpful Documents and Links

Plot Tracking TEMPLATE February 2020

Populating a Plot Tracking Excel

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