Data Capture Applications

SARAH (Stream and River Assessment Hub) – The BLM Lotic AIM program uses a Filemaker iPad application to record Lotic AIM data. Data entry in SARAH should be intuitive and follows the Lotic Field Protocol for Wadeable Systems – 1735-2.

To download SARAH, visit:
Lotic AIM SARAH app

DIMA (Database for Inventory Monitoring Assessment) – The legacy data collection software for Terrestrial AIM program is a Microsoft Access program that can be modified for many different types of range land monitoring data collection and analysis. While the BLM Terrestrial AIM program is currently in a transitional phase from DIMA to Collector/Survey123 based data collection software, the Jornada Experimental Range is still supporting the application for a variety of monitoring efforts.

For more information and to download DIMA visit:

For tutorials on how to use DIMA visit:

Collector/Survey 123 – Collector and Survey123 are data collection applications used by the BLM Terrestrial AIM program. They were created by ESRI and are used together to facilitate quality rangeland monitoring data collection. The Collector application is used by crews to navigate to sampling plots and record plot sampling status, while the Survey123 application is used by crews to collect monitoring data.  

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