Current AIM Projects

As of fall 2016, AIM data has been collected at over 12,000 terrestrial sites and on over 600 streams. These baseline data are helping natural resource managers and researchers understand the current state of Western rangelands, rivers, and streams.


Geographic distribution and extent of terrestrial and aquatic data points as of the end of the 2016 sampling season.

National level AIM efforts

AIM-Monitoring is being implemented across BLM lands on¬†two broad¬†scale¬†projects: the Westwide Landscape Monitoring Framework (LMF), and the Western Rivers and Streams Assessment (WRSA). The BLM is collaborating with other agencies and institutions and¬†on both of these projects. The¬†LMF is being conducted¬†in¬†cooperation with the U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA), the Natural Resources Conservation Service (NRCS), and Iowa State University, and the WRSA is a cooperative effort with¬†the Environmental Protection Agency and¬†Utah State University.”

Local level AIM efforts

In addition to these Westwide projects, many other AIM monitoring efforts have been initiated ranging in scale from statewide (e.g. Nevada), to ecoregional (e.g. the Colorado Plateau), to small resource areas (e.g. Agua Fria National Monument).

Several of these projects are in the analysis and reporting stage, and preliminary results are now available.  Preliminary results for several AIM projects were presented during the AIM symposium at the annual meeting of the Society for Range Management in February of 2015.  Click here to to view videos and PowerPoint slides from the 2015 AIM Symposium.


Count of the total LMF and Terrestrial AIM plots by field office.





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