2018 AIM Project Leads Training Presentations

The following presentation handouts are for the 2018 AIM Project Leads trainings (also see 2018 AIM Project Leads Training Agenda). The training will not include printed handoutsĀ of presentations. If you would like hard copies for the training, please print them out beforehand and bring them with you. These may be updated slightly prior to the training–we will upload the final versions after the trainings are over.

AIM Introduction

Terrestrial and Aquatic Examples

AIM Implementation

Accessing AIM and LMF Data

Management Questions and Monitoring Objectives


Monitoring Design


From Information to Action: Applying Data to Inform Management


Having Confidence in Your Estimates

Cross-Scale, Cross-Program AIM Implementation in Vale District (OR)

Cross-Scale, Cross Program AIM Implementation in Eastern Interior FO (AK)

AIM Resources, Tools and Timelines

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